Shadow and Gold

Campaign Timeline

Town of Haugin’s Ear, Sunday, Sarenith 20: Asha, N’Jal, Kilarra, Toshi, and Nivi all meet in The Lion’s Den. The inn is run by the adventurer-friendly Borvin Lamarc and his clumsy daughter, Lilly. Dharvi, the inn’s resident dachshund, provides entertainment for all. N’Jal befriends a local bard named Pellius and learns much about the region from him. Local rumors of missing pies send Kilarra and Toshi on a search through town where they find strange little tracks and are hit by a barrel thrown by an unknown assailant. Further searches reveal nothing else.

Haugin’s Ear, Moonday, Sarenith 21: Evening—Ham, the village idiot stumbles into the inn and promptly dies, a crossbow bolt sticking out of his back. A note stuck to the bolt incriminates Pellius. An investigation is quickly underway and the party works together to question locals who may be able to clear the bard’s name. Pellius is arrested later that night, and it is soon discovered that a local boy named Taff Landon has gone missing. Pellius claims he is innocent of both crimes but remains in jail.

Haugin’s Ear, Toilday, Sarentih 22: The party’s aid is requested by the mayor and constable in yet another mystery. The grave of Evaine Lellarch was apparently dug up last night, but it was revealed that her coffin never had a body in it, only earth with an imprint in the shape of a dagger. Kilarra remembered Evaine from years ago. Her parents were murdered and the former constable was convicted and hanged. Kilarra remembered the teen girl’s smile when she watched the man hang. She disappeared from town soon after.

N’Jal found a loose board in the town’s wall and signs of horses just outside the town (near the cemetery). With the help of a borrowed hound, the party followed the trail for an hour east of town. The infamous “Ear” a ruined structure that has supposedly claimed many of the town’s children over the past century. They headed up the wooded hill toward the ruin and were suddenly attacked by two cloaked warriors firing down at them. After a quick skirmish, they killed one and injured another. It was revealed to be a hobgoblin warrior. Questioning the warrior didn’t really get anywhere, so he was quickly dispatched. A hidden passageway into the hill was discovered soon after. Gathering their gear, they headed down into the ruin.

Inside the ruin, the party made a series of dark discoveries. The ghost of a boy revealed that he had been lured down here and killed by “the red man.” He also revealed that a group of people had taken a living boy down here to sacrifice him, though he didn’t know where they went. The party began a thorough search of the place, encountering a rust monster, a strange gray mold that nearly froze several of them to death, and a haunted room that nearly caused Nivi to attack her own companions. Further exploration revealed that this ruin was once the center of a weapons smuggling operation over a century ago and that they used children to build traps and as slaves. As they searched further, N’Jal found a secret door but in so doing opened a large pit in the floor which nearly killed Nivi and Asha. Working together, the party struggled their way out of the trapped area and through the secret door. The room (a defiled temple to Aroden) was filled with bloody skulls hanging from the ceiling. Voice of an unseen creature who called himself Mizraxius tried to bargain with them, offering help in return for a bit of their blood, but the group wisely refused. As they spoke to the voice, N’Jal investigated and found treasure behind the altar. The group left, but N’Jal found himself trapped in the room as the door suddenly slammed shut. N’Jal was attacked by Mizraxius (who revealed himself to be an imp). The rogue was able to escape, but not before he was nearly poisoned to death by swarm of summoned spiders. The party made it back into the room. defeated the imp, and saved N’Jal. Before exploring further, they decided to rest in one of the smaller rooms.

Ruins, Wealday, Sarenith 23: After spending the night in the ruins, the party continued to explore, searching through several more rooms and dispatching several large rats. They came upon an old bedchamber and were quickly attacked by the ghost of a warrior. After defeating the ghost, they came upon a large chamber and found what they were looking for. Evaine Lellarch was there with several allied goblins and hobgoblins. She was preparing a ritual to sacrifice young Taff Landon, who was trapped in a large cage. The battle was long and arduous. Taking cover behind pillars, they fired upon the creatures and were fired up in return, vipers from the depths of Hell were summoned, and even Evaine’s own raven familiar attacked the group. In the end, Kilarra dealt the killing blow to the witch and the battle was won. It was soon discovered that Evaine apparently was trying to sacrifice the boy to the archdevil Mammon. They returned to town with Taff and were welcomed as heroes.

Haugin’s Ear, Wealday, Sarenith 24 – Wealday, Erastus 1: The party spent a week relaxing in town. During this time, Taff revealed to Asha that he remembered Evaine talking about allies in a flophouse on Garden Street in the city of Logas. This week also saw new armor for Kilarra as she was able to forge a suit of plate armor with the aid of Toshi. N’Jal also learned of a new adventuring opportunity in nearby Ecrin, a village that is currently being troubled by a pair of river drakes. Ultimately, the party decided to head north and investigate Evaine’s contacts in Logas before dealing with the drakes.

North Road, Oathday, Erastus 2 – Sunday, Erastus 5: The party set out on Oathday morning, bound for Logas. Although they met with no danger on the road, the journey was not without incident. They found disturbing signs of violence on the side of the road, particularly burned bodies. A military check point was next and they were escorted miles down the road by stern soldiers who refused to answer questions. The party finally arrived in Logas and began to settle in. They secured a room at a local inn and rested from their journey.

Logas, Moonday, Erastus 6: The party set out to find Garden Street and the flophouse, though questions about Garden Street’s location were met by snickering rather than any answers. N’Jal then learned why: there was no Garden Street in Logas. In fact, The Flophouse on Garden Street wasn’t a location, it was a popular tavern song in Logas.

The Flophouse on Garden Street
I met me red lady
Went in through the back
She slapped me right silly
Gave me a thwack
She said “you’re not Billy
Get out of me sack!”
So I went to the flophouse on Garden Street

I woke with a start
I wanted a fight
So I beat up a cart
And ran into the night
The guards they chased
And so I made haste
I went back to the flophouse on Garden Street

My stomach a’rumbled
Loud as a flood
So I went to a house
That was covered in blood
Saw me mate Benny
But had naught but a penny
He sent me back to the flophouse on Garden Street

I needed some wealth
Before I grew old
I took me knife to where they
Bite down on gold
The guards, they chased
I couldn’t make haste
I said bye to the flophouse on Garden Street

I went to a room
It needed a broom
I stared out the window
Until I was white
The guards, they saw
I had no more fight
They sent me back to the flophouse on Garden Street

It didn’t take long for Nivi to figure out that there were clues embedded in the song lyrics. The clues led them around the city and they soon picked up important information.

“red lady” – this refered to The Red Lady, a popular brothel in Rat’s End. They party found the number 52 carved into the building near the back door.

“ran into the night” – this actually referred to the statue of Sir Desmond Quellius, a famous Taldan knight who helped found the city of Logas. The letter “L” was carved into the base of the statue.

“…a house/That was covered in blood” – this lyric referred to “The Fighting Cow” one of the finest butcher shops in Logas, located in The Meadows. The letter “I” was carefully etched onto a brick on the side of the building.

“…where they bite down on gold” – this referred to the temple of Abadar in the Gold District. The letter “N” was found carved into the foundation near the front doors.

“I went to a room/It needed a broom” – this referred to the prison in Steel Town. The letter “K” was carved into the sign in the front.

This spelled “52 Link.” This was the address of the old Elsmir Distillery in Rat’s End. The place burned down over thirty years ago and has remained abandoned ever since.

The party journeyed to Rat’s End, the poorest district in Logas, and broke into the old distillery. After searching through several destroyed rooms, they were surprise attacked by several cultists and bandits and even a pair of zombies. They managed to dispatch the group with relative ease and continued their investigation.

The investigation soon revealed a captured old man—Walther Brynn. Asha managed to heal him, bringing him back to consciousness and he soon revealed why the cultists wanted him.

Walther was an expert in magical fey waters. The cultists had gained access to cursed water that could turn the imbibers into goblins. But the transformation was imperfect, and the creatures committed suicide soon after the transformation. Walther knew of the herbs that could fix this flaw. He told the cultists where to find them in the Chitterwood, but he was savvy enough to give them the wrong location. This bought him some much-needed time. He told the party that there is a way to purify the waters, but only the Gnarlbough Druids of the eastern Chitterwood knew how.

Realizing that the cultists needed to be stopped, the party decided to set up an ambush for the cultists. They secured the assistance of several city guards and waited for more cultists to return. In the middle of the second night, gold coins began to rain from the holes in the ceiling. Several of the guards touched the coins and were instantly turned to gold. N’Jal scouted outside to find whoever threw the coins in and he noticed all of the local homeless watching the distillery.

The next morning, the guards returned to their original forms. Realizing that their ambush would not work, the party decided to set out into the Chitterwood to purify the water before it can be used again.

For over a week, they journeyed deep into the forest in search of the druids. Along the way, they faced a trio of forest trolls, fought a horde of goblins with goblin dog mounts, and even faced off against dire bats, and a small party of hobgoblins. Near the end of their journey, they came across a strange centipede-like creature made entirely of plants and roots. The destruction of this creature brought the ire of the Gnarlbough Druids themselves, as it was the guardian of their hidden grove. The druids quickly descended upon the group and captured them, leading them blindfolded deeper into the woods.

Hours later, they found themselves in a large campsite far from the trail. They were confronted by two men: Siddry (an old, scarred half-elf) and Orngart (a strong, stocky human). The party told them of their mission, but the druids were unmoved, having no interest in helping a filthy city. Eventually, the party managed to convince them that it would be in their interest to prevent more goblin attacks. Siddry decided that he needed to test the group.

The next morning, the party was taken to a clearing. They were tasked with fighting either Siddry or Orngart. The fight would last until either one surrendered. Several of them fought Siddry, defending against his druidic magic, while others fought Orngart, who revealed himself to be a werebadger and a skilled warrior. In the end, the party proved themselves and the druids agreed to escort them to a place called “The Bleed.”

The next morning, the party set out on a three-day journey, guided by Orngart (who Toshi nicknamed “Mr. Badger”).

After leaving the burning village of Gillamoor, the party escorted the remaining survivors to Logas where they were taken care of by the city government. The druids departed immediately, wanting no part of the city.

Over the next three weeks, the party was subjected to government interrogations led by Valthonius Landark, a cold and ruthless bureaucrat from Elidir. The party was eventually cleared of any charges and were allowed to return to their lives. They were greatly rewarded for their service. In addition to gold, they were given land rights, favors, supplies and even the use of laborers.

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