Character Creation

Switching Characters
If you are creating a character above first level, refer to this information before building your character.

Books Allowed for Use: Any official Paizo product will be fine. All other products will need GM approval.

Character Sheet: I have created a customized character sheet for this campaign. To maintain consistency, players are required to use only this sheet.

Ability Scores: Use the 15-Point Buy method found in the Core Book

Full information on appropriate races for Isger.

Full information on appropriate classes and prestige classes for Isger (as well as recommendations for character creation).

Religions and philosophies that call Isger home, or those who have made Isger their mission.

Alignments: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral.

Characters will essentially have two alignments – one on the player’s character sheet and one on the GM’s character sheet. The one on the player’s sheet is what the character believes himself/herself to be. The one on the GM’s sheet is what the character really is.

When keeping track of your alignment, I will also be using the alignment point system found in Ultimate Campaign. Performing minor actions that go against your alignment will generally not result in any change, but major actions will result in an increase or decrease in your alignment scores. Too many changes will ultimately change your alignment.

The following skills will prove to be particularly useful in this campaign. Players should keep some of these in mind when making their characters.
Survival, Heal, Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana, local, planes, religion), Appraise, Perception, Stealth, Disable Device, Use Magic Device

Traits: Players may choose two traits for their character. One of these traits must be chosen from the Campaign Traits list, while the other may be chosen from any list.

Campaign Traits

Regional Traits

Starting Gold: Use average gold for your character class. If you are bringing in a character above 1st level, refer to the Switching Characters page.

Character Description: All characters are required to have a detailed description including back story, personality, and physical appearance in paragraph form in order to be allowed into the campaign. If a player doesn’t want to type this up, they can simply give me some notes and I’ll be happy to do it for them.

Character Portrait and Mini: All players are required to have a portrait of their character and a mini that will be used for battles. The portrait should be a drawing of some kind — photos of famous actors will not be allowed. It should also be close to the way you envision your character. The mini may be prepainted plastic or painted or unpainted metal, as long as it is properly sized to work on a battle mat. If the player wants, they can give me some money and I’ll order the minis online.

Character Creation

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