Switching Characters

I will be more restrictive about changing characters during the campaign. I will only allow you to change your character if they have become unplayable for some reason, or if you have a good justification for them to leave the campaign. Impulsive character switching will not be allowed.

Keep in mind that I will be using the Retraining rules found in Ultimate Campaign. This means that if you don’t like something about your character (including class, feats, skills, archetypes, spells) you can retrain them (i.e. get rid of them and replace them with something better). This takes time and money, but it’s usually a better option than getting rid of the character altogether.

However, sometimes people still want or need to bring in a new character. If this happens, follow the guidelines below:

1. New characters will always start two levels lower than the party.

2. Starting wealth will be appropriate for the new character’s level. No more than half can be spent on magic items, alchemical items, jewels, or spell components.

3. To determine the age of a new character, add the character level to the starting age (5x for elves, 2x for half-elves, 3x for dwarves and gnomes)

4. In addition to your regular back story, you will be required to write up an adventuring history briefly covering your life as an adventurer so far.

Switching Characters

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