What to Expect

Experience progression: this campaign will use the medium level progression. Players should expect to attain new levels for their characters every 2-3 game sessions. Not everyone may be the same level, as many factors will go into how much XP someone gets. Overall, I expect this campaign to last about 2 years and characters should be about 18th level at the end of it.

Wealth progression: this campaign will use the fast wealth progression.

Schedule: as with the previous campaign, we will play every other Saturday from 12:30-4:30. Obviously this time frame will be a bit flexible to accommodate life responsibilities, but I expect that this schedule will be pretty consistent.

Tone: as Isger is a troubled land, the adventures will be fairly dark in tone. Individual characters may lighten the tone if they wish, but the land at large is a pretty miserable place.

Story and Roleplaying: this campaign will be heavy on plot and roleplaying, so I expect full back stories to be written for each character and I expect everyone to roleplay their characters. Bonus XP will be given out to those who roleplay well.

Cut Scenes: on a similar narrative note, I’ll be trying something new. Cut scenes are a narrative technique in which I will describe a scene that is going on somewhere else with other characters. The scenes are always related in some way to the campaign, but you may not know how right away. This is a technique to build tension and interest and can also be used to further develop the story. Keep in mind that these scenes are for the players only. Characters will not have any knowledge of these events unless they learn them normally through the game.

What to Expect

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